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The KDD Philanthropy Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to kick-start my new position in fundraising! Kathy is an excellent speaker and presenter with a wealth of information that she shares with her students. True to its name, this Bootcamp was rigorous, thought provoking and inspirational. My colleagues and I look forward to attending more in the future.” – Beverly, Development Officer

What if we told you that with the right training and tools in their pocket, development professionals are poised to exceed their fundraising goals?

It may sound simple, but it comes down to this:

In order to survive and thrive in today’s development climate, organizations must ensure development professionals receive training and guidance on even the most basic fundraising skills. Investing in advancement, recruitment, and talent management training is not only a retention tool; it is critical to create long-term, high-performing front line fundraising teams.

KDD Philanthropy offers these tools to teams and individuals, in group and one-on-one forums, both in San Diego and at your shop. Options and services include:


“Kathy’s Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp is a must-attend event for any emerging fundraiser or newly formed development team. The bootcamp session focuses on proven strategies for prospecting and cultivating donors, and tools for overcoming some of our own personal fears and building confidence. A great way to re-focus yourself or your team on the basics of successful fundraising.”

— Price Adams, Account Supervisor, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker

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