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Kathy worked with [an individual] for ten months and we saw a significant shift in his approach and leadership. He ended up rising to a new level of leadership and was promoted to associate vice president and is doing phenomenally well. I’m proud we grew our team from within the organization, and Kathy helped us have the conversations and spent that time each week helping him (and others) unlock potential.”
— Nathan Chappell, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy, City of Hope

Individual coaching is one of the most effective techniques for individuals to hone their leadership and development skills in an intensive, personalized manner. A fundraising coach can help development officers, leaders, and executives identify and maximize the strengths that will be the foundation to their success, as well as the areas that need strengthening. This personal assessment will be used to create an individualized plan for growth and improvement. Investing in a coach is a critical step to ensure your success as a high-performing fundraiser.

How Coaching Works

Executive fundraising coaching typically takes place for a period of six months to one year, with an objective of identifying focus areas and determining an action plan and goals.

KDD Philanthropy works with fundraising professionals to determine those goals and a follow-up action plan with specific, targeted growth opportunities. We provide focused assistance, accountability, training, and skill development specific to the individual client reaching his or her maximum potential.

The coaching relationship is about the client’s needs and objectives. We listen, reflect, and question, giving perspective and insights. We also provide best practice tools and strategy advice. We meet monthly, either in person or via phone, and talk about progress, what’s working, and what needs more attention.

What Can Coaching Do That Training and Workshops Cannot?

Training and workshops are a very effective way of obtaining a baseline of general skills, or focusing on one single area for a short-term period of time.

Executive and fundraising coaching differs because the work is focused specifically on you as an individual – your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Personalized coaching also is a larger investment of time, with built-in follow-up and long-term accountability to your coach.

How Can a Fundraising Coach Help Me?

We have coached numerous managers and fundraisers in a variety of development subject areas, including:

  • Sophisticated fundraising strategy
  • Building and motivating high-performing development teams
  • Enhancing discipline and focus
  • Tools to make you a more effective leader
  • Accountability benchmarking
  • Donor pipeline development
  • Culture design
  • Maximized portfolio performance
  • Increasing executive/professional presence

Interested in personalized fundraising coaching? Let’s have a conversation!

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