Advancement professionals are regularly called upon to prioritize and identify the best and highest use of our time and to focus accordingly. Our responsibilities, however, range far beyond this. Therefore, building an effective partnership with our administrative team members is a critical skill for individual and team success. Whether you have a dedicated partner or are allocated some access to a staff member supporting a team, approaching this relationship with intentionality is essential. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies to optimize your partnership, explore tools to strengthen where this team member uses this time, and learn how to ensure all team members are focused on the most important philanthropic outcomes. Topics will include:

  • How to build a true partnership with a shared vision
  • Creating ground rules for all team members
  • Developing a commitment to shared accountability
  • How to use agendas to create results

This webinar will include an exercise that will build your tools and comfort in navigating and expanding these conversations with your administrative team member.

“Become More Effective by Partnering with your Administrative Professional” is $149. To purchase, email