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The Executive Advisory Board (EAB) has demonstrated that the most high-performing gift officers close a major gift in five meetings, by evaluating data provided by numerous institutions. To help more fundraisers secure a larger number of gifts more quickly, while also focusing on the meaningful interactions needed to build an authentic relationship, KDD Philanthropy has taken that research and created the Five-Meeting Model™ — and we are pleased to share it with your team through our unique webinar series.

In this webinar series, we will lead gift officers and leaders through this model, which provides the following:

  • Serves as a template for creating strategies.
  • Provides a checklist to ensure gift officers have taken every necessary step to build the authentic and donor-centered relationships that will lead to true generosity.
  • Strengthened outreach strategies from qualification to solicitation.
  • Additional ways to think about probing questions throughout the phases of a fundraising relationship.
  • Real-life examples of how the model works.

Participants will receive exercises to that bring this model to life. We will wrap up the series in talking with leaders from the University of Alabama who have seen such success that they’ve built a robust training platform to anchor the Five-Meeting Model ™ into their culture.

Session 1: Introduction to the Five-Meeting Model™

  • We will explore how this model works and discuss how it can be applied to each fundraiser’s portfolio immediately.
  • Exercise: Putting the Five-Meeting Model™ to work

Session 2: Putting to Work the Five-Meeting Model™

  • Following the work done in session one, we will discuss the opportunities and hurdles this model presents
  • We will look at ways to build portfolio and donor accountability that lead to stronger relationships with donors and organizational leaders alike.
  • Exercise: Anchoring in the Five-Meeting Model ™

Session 3: An Internal Training Program to Anchor the Five-Meeting Model™ in to your Culture

  • The University of Alabama’s Five-Meeting Model™ training program has built new levels of accountability, while also moving prospect relationships forward. We will learn how leaders at UA have built the model, and how you can apply the same theories at your institution.
  • Exercise: Program Building Worksheet

“Closing a Gift in Five Meetings” is $245 for the series. To purchase, email

Speaker Backgrounds:

Kathy Drucquer Duff — For the past 27 years, Kathy has had the pleasure of leading teams to create transformative fundraising strategies within higher education, healthcare and non-profit organizations. She does this because she cares deeply about philanthropy and development as a career opportunity, and she truly believes the best investment a development leader can make is in talent – because nurturing and leading people creates lasting philanthropic relationships. KDD Philanthropy was born out of a desire to work with the professionals who build a philanthropic society. This vision was driven by her belief that philanthropy is one of the strongest forces for good in our world, and she has seen first-hand that a skillful fundraising program inspires incredible generosity.

Nick Foster — As Executive Director of Colleges and Schools, The University of Alabama, Nick is a mission-driven, innovative, and supportive leader who promotes collaboration, teamwork, achievement, and success. Proficient in building teams by developing people, processes, and systems to drive efficiencies and results. Nick has over ten years of experience working with individual, corporate, and foundation donors. And an additional six years of experience within the music industry, leading a team that identified, created, and produced a spectrum of events from live performances, festivals, marketing activations, and hospitality events on a global scale. Nick currently serves as the Executive Director of Colleges and Schools at The University of Alabama, where he is responsible for establishing best practices, strategic direction, vision, and leadership for the fundraising and constituent engagement for six of the eleven colleges and schools at UA. He’s also the co-architect of a strategic approach to fundraising that has seen the University re-shape its approach to developing and sustaining fundraising success. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wolverhampton in England and has held fundraising positions at The University of Virginia and The University of Southern Mississippi.

Hawken Brackett — Through an eclectic approach to leadership, Hawken prioritizes context, culture, and ethics. As Executive Director of Strategic Engagement, Office of Development, The University of Alabama, he channels the power of authentic relationships to align tools and talent in a manner that transforms goals into realities. He is the co-architect of a strategic approach to fundraising that is based in tried and true fundraising best practices. This holistic approach to fundraising is bolstered by dynamic analytics, intuitive tools, optimized portfolios, streamlined processes, transparent expectations, and robust coaching—all of which have contributed to professional competency building and improved fundraising performance at The University of Alabama. Hawken has provided strategic leadership for annual/regular giving, major giving strategies, parent/family philanthropy, prospect development, and records maintenance. Prior to a career shift to higher education philanthropy, he served in various counseling, student life/services, and instructor roles at Clemson University and The University of Alabama. These prior experiences shaped his understanding of the pivotal role philanthropy plays in forming the ideal conditions that allow students, faculty, and staff to flourish. Hawken earned his PhD from The University of Alabama, his master’s from Clemson University, and his bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University.

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