The Executive Advisory Board (EAB) has demonstrated that the most high-performing gift officers close a major gift in five meetings, by evaluating data provided by numerous institutions. To help more fundraisers secure a larger number of gifts more quickly, while also focusing on the meaningful interactions needed to build an authentic relationship, KDD Philanthropy has taken that research and created the Five-Meeting Model™ — and we are pleased to share it with your team through our unique webinar discussion.

In this webinar, we will lead gift officers and leaders through this model, which provides the following:

  • Serves as a template for creating strategies.
  • Provides a checklist to ensure gift officers have taken every necessary step to build the authentic and donor-centered relationships that will lead to true generosity.
  • Strengthens outreach strategies from qualification to solicitation.
  • Additional ways to think about probing questions throughout the phases of a fundraising relationship.
  • Real-life examples of how the model works.

Participants will receive an exercise to bring this model to life within their own portfolio.

“Closing a Gift in Five Meetings” is $125. To purchase, email