As philanthropy becomes ever-more essential to institutional budgets, academic leaders face increasing expectations to find success in fundraising. By building their skills in creating a case for support, engaging prospects, and articulating the role of philanthropy for their unit and institution, these leaders are well-positioned to elevate the research, programs, students, and faculty they’re so passionate about.

During my time in higher education, the relationships built with academic leaders while helping them find success in this often-new area of responsibility often led to stronger donor relationships and increased philanthropic giving. KDD Philanthropy is excited to offer this support once again. Coaching — as opposed to conferences or group training sessions — provides unique benefits, including:

  • Highly personalized skill-set development that takes into account a leader’s background, innate skills, personality type and academic area.
  • A confidential space for leaders to acknowledge and work through any personal barriers to and discomfort with fundraising, as this work is often far outside the comfort zone for academics.
  • A constructive space for the leader to practice newly-learned skills through role plays and hands-on exercises.

Through a series of individual sessions, KDD Philanthropy supports academic leaders as they strengthen their expertise in:

  • Developing compelling fundraising opportunities within their units.
  • Articulating a clear and compelling case for support.
  • Engaging prospective donors in the unit’s work, and inviting them to partner through philanthropy.
  • Partnering with the institution’s advancement staff, from central leadership to unit-specific fundraisers.
  • Navigating internal obstacles to fundraising success.
  • Managing challenging donor interactions.

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