We all know the power of strategically moving a prospect to deeper engagement and generosity.

Strategic movement that builds momentum toward generosity doesn’t happen by accident, and haphazard relationship management leaves opportunity on the table.

That’s why we invite you to join us for Creating Donor Strategies for Active Engagement, a webinar exploring how to develop a road map for each donor that builds their engagement and creates momentum toward a gift. Topics covered will include:

  • The KDD Philanthropy approach to a written strategy
  • Active versus passive prospect engagement, and the role of each
  • Staging out engagement in a way that creates momentum toward investment
  • Strengthening your strategies by workshopping it with colleagues
  • Using written strategies to engage internal partners — deans, physicians, faculty, program leaders, etc. — in the philanthropic process
  • How a strategy can help overcome objections, build a better case, and grow your conversational toolbox
  • And more!

Each attendee will leave this session with practical guidance you can put into use immediately. And you’ll receive an exercise to complete afterwards that will allow you to take the strategies we discussed and build them into an actionable plan.

“Creating Donor Strategies for Active Engagement” is $149. To purchase, email webinar@kddphilanthropy.com.