Academic leaders are among the most impactful partners advancement professionals have. As these individuals’ tenures are shortening due to opportunities elsewhere, being adept at creating partnerships with new leaders has never been more important for advancement staff. This new series of three webinars will take a deep dive into the opportunities created by leveraging the departure of a leader while welcoming another, onboarding the new leader, and developing tools to keep build a strong and effective partnership.

Session 1: Crafting a Plan to Lay the Groundwork for Success

  • Crafting a plan to lay the groundwork for success
  • Managing the transition
  • Capturing opportunity in a leader’s departure
  • Preparing for the new leader’s honeymoon period, both internal and external
  • Exercise: Probing questions for a new leader

Session 2: Onboarding of the New Leader

  • Onboarding of the new leader
  • Laying the foundation for the transition and the future
  • Creating buy-in for the donor cycle
  • Building not just a relationship, but a partnership for achievement
  • Exercise: Onboarding a new leader template

Session 3: Staffing Your Leader for Success

  • Staffing your leader for success
  • The most effective tools for supporting an academic leader
  • Building the philosophy of institutional progress over individual ego
  • Crucial conversations to navigate inevitable challenges
  • Exercise: Resetting the conversation

“Creating Success with a New Academic Leader” is $425 for the series. To purchase, email