The KDD Philanthropy Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to kick-start my new position in fundraising! Kathy is an excellent speaker and presenter with a wealth of information that she shares with her students. True to its name, this Bootcamp was rigorous, thought provoking and inspirational. My colleagues and I look forward to attending more in the future.”
– Beverly, Development Officer

Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp 2.0 provides specific, strategic techniques to enhance your effectiveness as a fundraising professional. In this hands-on workshop, we dive deeper into topics most often cited by fundraisers as in need of development, but rarely covered at conferences or trainings: creating focus in a sea of work, and developing effective prospect strategies. The day will provide the specificity that is of value to newer development professionals, with the complex subject matter that will benefit advanced development professionals who seek to enhance their style and skills.

What sets this Bootcamp apart is the facilitation led by Kathy Drucquer Duff. Many programs focused on frontline fundraising coaching deploy instructors who teach based in theory. Kathy uses her 27 years experience as a frontline fundraiser to teach development officers and leaders the essential skills needed for success. Attendees consistently leave the Bootcamp with feelings of renewal and excitement, and several talk about their “ah ha” moments that happened throughout the training.

Bootcamp At-a-Glance

The first part of the day focuses on proven strategies for building discipline and focus into your work as you face competing demands for your time, as well as competing views of how your time is best spent.

A significant portion of the Bootcamp will be spent focused on specific frontline fundraising strategies, with both scenario discussions and interactive role-playing sessions. In a comfortable setting, role-playing and the discussion of specific, complex scenarios, and the development of probing questions are critical: they allow you to build confidence, see different perspectives prior to a donor visit, and expand your style and skill set. We will spend time with scenarios and role-play as tools for you to look at your institution differently, and as a strategy for developing best practices for donor visits. To provide further practical application to your work, attendees will be broken into cohort groups for higher education, healthcare, and nonprofit during parts of the discussion.

Learn more about the initial Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp 1.0, which transforms your approach to development, and opens your eyes to new ways of exceeding your fundraising goals. Attendees leave the workshop with real tools they can use to create a comprehensive fundraising plan of their own.