Happy new year! Yes, it’s July, but for many of us, July 1 marked a new fiscal year. And a new fiscal year usually brings with it two things:

An opportunity to reflect on what went well in our last year — and I hope you truly took time to celebrate what you learned, what you accomplished and what you made possible!

And, an opportunity for anxiety as you look toward new goals and metrics with financial reports that put us back at the starting line. 

Rather than “going back to start,” I encourage us to look at our new fiscal year as an opportunity to affirm and refine our approach, work and goals. The best place to start is with reflection. Ask yourself:

  • What am I most proud of accomplishing in the last fiscal year, and how will I continue to build upon those foundations?
  • What was a hurdle, and who can assist me in removing or reducing the hurdle?
  • What is my top professional growth goal? How can I break that goal into manageable pieces so that I see progress throughout my journey?
  • What skill would assist me in building collaborative and authentic relationships with donors, with colleagues, with members of my team?
  • How am I utilizing my calendar, my metrics and partnership with my manager to ensure I am focusing on my most important work?
  • Who on the team motivates me, or do I respect for their approach to their role? Can I schedule a coffee (in person or virtual) to connect and be inspired?
  • Can I attend a program, class or lecture and get re-inspired by my organization’s mission and focus?

If last fiscal year was a successful year, reflecting on what skills, approach and attitude assisted you in getting there should provide the confidence that “you’ve got this.” And while yes, July does represent a new year, it does not mean you are starting over.

If last fiscal year had you wanting to increase performance, be honest with yourself about what you wish you’d done differently. Then take time to identify what may have gotten in the way. Proactively look for strategies to remove those hurdles so you can do your most effective and important work.

If you could benefit from a partner and champion in your growth, our team of coaches at KDD Philanthropy are here to support your growth through webinars, individual coaching and team training. Our approach is built on years of in-house experience leading teams and fundraising, and we enjoy our conversations with each of you who play a role in inspiring generosity, too!

Happy (fiscal) new year! We look forward to cheering you on!

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