It’s incredible to think that six years ago this week, I launched KDD Philanthropy as a full-time practice to support the exceptional work that leaders and fundraisers like you carry out at institutions every day. I can still remember the nerves as I sent that introductory email, hit the “go” button on my web page launch, and dove in with both feet.  This path has been filled with peaks and valleys, but it’s also been buoyed by the opportunities, challenges, and sometimes-crazy moments that we’ve shared together.

It is the conversations and partnerships that have been the most rewarding element of this journey, and it’s been a remarkable journey so far! Thank you!

During these six years, I’ve traveled over 475,000 miles, visited over 50 institutions (in four countries), and provided too many impromptu (and rewarding!) advice sessions to count. And, I’ve learned some invaluable lessons too, including:

  • Our work has always been about the people, and will continue to be about the relationship we cultivate, not the programs we build.
  • Many of you know that accountability may be my favorite and most-used word. But over the past six years, I have learned that while accountability is an anchor, HOW you cultivate accountability is what builds teams, relationships, and generosity.
  • Efficiency is important, but in roles where we will never finish everything on our to do lists, it is being effective that truly matters.
  • Consistent donor outreach has always been the hallmark of high performing advancement officers, and our new virtual tools (from Zoom, to utilizing our iPhones for impactful video messages to ThankView) allow for truly organic, authentic, frequent outreach.
  • Your calendar is your fire extinguisher, no matter what: aim it where your time is most valuable. And calendar blocking works just as well in the office as it does from a dining room table or seat 18A on my company plane (Southwest Airlines).
  • Hope is never a strategy. We must work our strategies (and write them down, it does work!) to inspire the most impactful generosity.
  • One of the things that attracted me to this work was the fun! I think we sometimes forget that we can — and should — have fun in our work.
  • We have some of the best jobs in the world, truly. And I am grateful for the many ways you remind me of that each and every day.

Thank you for your support, advocacy, and trust as we work together to build the teams and tools that inspire generosity. I am so appreciative for the opportunity to learn from you, grow our industry, and have laughs, celebration of milestones, and fun in doing something we are so passionate about. It’s an honor to support the institutions and professionals that are working to build a better world, and I look forward to many more years of partnership!

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