If you’re a leader looking for tools to support you in developing team culture, skills, and retention, then KDD Philanthropy’s recorded webinar series may be a perfect fit.

KDD Philanthropy is pleased to offer several webinar series and stand-alone webinars that provide practical tools for everything from strategic portfolio management to tools for strong leadership in an advancement setting.

When you purchase a series for your team to participate in together, you’re investing in professional development — a top request of both new and experienced team members. And, you’re creating shared culture, as you provide your team an opportunity to listen, debrief, and complete the follow-up exercises together. Sign up today to begin building your team now!

To purchase a webinar, email webinar@kddphilanthropy.com.

Stand-alone Webinars

It’s Not About the Ask, It’s About the Partnership — $149

Creating Donor Strategies for Active Engagement — $149

Engaging Natural Partners in the Philanthropic Process — $149

Beyond Metrics: How Data can Strengthen Your Management Style — $149

Onboarding During the Great Resignation — $149

Become More Effective by Partnering with your Administrative Professional — $149

Moving Beyond Asking for Exceptions — $149

Webinar Series

Philanthropy’s Thought Leaders ~ $395 for series
Session 1: Jim Langley, Langley Innovations
Session 2: Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru
Session 3: Kathy Drucquer Duff, KDD Philanthropy

To purchase a webinar, email webinar@kddphilanthropy.com.