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Now you and your team can watch webinars on your timeline!

KDD Philanthropy webinar recordings are available for purchase — and can be an essential part of a team’s commitment to success. Whether you’re an individual looking to build your energy and your skills, or you’re a leader who wants to support your entire team’s success, a recorded webinar is for you!

When you purchase a past webinar, you can bring teams together (in person or virtually) to participate and pause for discussion throughout. Viewing and brainstorming as a team does more than just build skills: it builds camaraderie, collaboration, and a shared commitment to success.

To make sure you get the most out of your team’s webinar experience, KDD Philanthropy is proud to offer facilitation services. Our affiliates will gladly customize discussion and exercises to your team!

To purchase a webinar or inquire about facilitation, email webinar@kddphilanthropy.com.

Beyond Metrics: How Data can Strengthen Your Management Style ~ $125
stand-alone webinar

Onboarding During the Great Resignation ~ $125
stand-alone webinar

Become More Effective by Partnering with your Administrative Professional ~ $125
stand-alone webinar

Moving Beyond Asking for Exceptions ~ $125 for session
stand-alone webinar

How to Hone Your Success as a Unit Fundraising Lead ~ $325 for series
Session 1: Learning the landscape and thriving in your role
Session 2: Successfully staffing your academic, healthcare, or athletics leader
Session 3: Bringing out your best management-self

Overcoming “Donor Ghosting” ~ $95 for session
stand-alone webinar

Overcoming Objections ~ $175 for series
Session 1: Overcoming Objections in Discovery/Qualification
Session 2: Overcoming Objections Prior to/During the Ask

Leadership and Management Series ~ $245 for series
Session 1: Managing Fundraisers for Greater Success
Session 2: What Gift Officers Want Today
Session 3: It’s Not Leadership or Management. It’s Leadership AND Management

Strategic Portfolio Management Essentials ~ $245 for series
Session 1: Approach Your Portfolio with Purpose
Session 2: The Value of Constant Contact
Session 3: Supporting the Institutional Portfolio

Closing a Gift in Five Meetings ~ $245 for series
Session 1: Introduction to the Five-Meeting Model™
Session 2: Putting to Work the Five-Meeting Model™
Session 3: An Internal Training Program to Anchor the Five-Meeting Model™ in to your Culture

Qualification Essentials ~ $245 for series
Session 1: Skills to Build Confidence
Session 2: Probing Questions for Qualification
Session 3: Qualification vs. Disqualification

Creating Success with a New Academic Leader ~ $245 for series
Session 1: Crafting a Plan to Lay the Groundwork for Success
Session 2: Onboarding of the New Leader
Session 3: Staffing Your Leader for Success

Philanthropy’s Thought Leaders ~ $245 for series
Session 1: Jim Langley, Langley Innovations
Session 2: Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru
Session 3: Kathy Drucquer Duff, KDD Philanthropy

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