Hiring is not getting any easier, and with the “great resignation” in full swing, we are seeing even more advancement shop openings. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a strategy for setting up new hires and newly-promoted team members for success and longevity.

This webinar will provide the tools to implement or sharpen a strategic onboarding program for new and promoted employees — improving the likelihood that they’ll excel and remain in their roles.

Why is onboarding key? Because study after study shows that new employees decide how they feel about their position and their longevity right away — from 30 days to six months on the job.

Together, we’ll discuss the specific strategies you can use to successfully onboard your team members — administrative, frontline, and managers — for their first year. Whether you’re a talent management professional, or you lead a small or large team, you’ll find concrete and easy-to-implement tools in this session. Topics include:

  • Setting expectations
  • Developing soft skills
  • Employee-to-employee shadowing
  • Understanding and representing the institution
  • Creating milestones for the first year
  • Understanding and prioritizing the portfolio (of responsibilities and donors)
  • Building sustainable internal relationships

An employee’s start in their role sets the tone for their time at an organization. Both employee and employer are making an immediate impression with tangible consequences for long-term success. Let’s discuss the elements of an onboarding plan that will dramatically improve the odds that you and your employees are developing a long-lasting and productive partnership.

“Onboarding During the Great Resignation” is $149. To purchase, email webinar@kddphilanthropy.com.