Retreats provide a critical opportunity for teams to reconnect, reenergize, and rebuild, and KDD Philanthropy is pleased to offer our services in retreat facilitation!

We will work together to develop a day that creates conversations to meet teams where they are, while providing a foundation for moving forward with purpose and flexibility. Together we will ensure your team has the energy, enthusiasm, and shared purpose to move through these times and achieve success together.

There are many exercises we can build into a meaningful day for you and your team, including:

  • Creating ground rules for the coming year, which may include agreed-upon values under a hybrid work model
  • Exercises that build trust and communication
  • Renewal exercises and discussion that address feelings/perceptions associated with change
  • Discussing prioritization, and how to reassess and reprioritize opportunities to reflect today’s realities
  • Building a culture that fosters a culture of greater accountability
  • Exploring tools/tips for better communication and productivity
  • Coaching up, down and across
  • Developing plans to meet the opportunity of a fundraising campaign or initiative

These and any other sessions will be built on a foundation of regrouping, recharging, and energizing by creating an environment in which participants openly discuss opportunities and challenges while focusing on collaborative solutions. This approach will allow your team to build a shared understanding of how to move forward together while simultaneously increasing trust, communication, and cooperation.

Additionally, KDD Philanthropy is pleased to offer post-retreat coaching sessions to reinforce critical learnings and agreements from the day. These sessions will include further debrief and addressing post retreat follow-up and accountability.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create a program tailored to you and your team!