In our Creating Success with a New Academic Leader webinar series, we introduced the concept of “educate, navigate, negotiate” as a tool to strengthen internal relationships. Many of you asked that we dive deeper into this topic, including providing language, scenarios and additional ways to build this tool set.

We are proud to announce just that! This three-part series will further explore how education, navigation and negotiation can make you a stronger fundraising partner, unit lead or manager. We will specifically discuss when and how to use these approaches and provide examples and scenarios as well as suggested language prompts and approach. If you work with faculty, coaches, physicians, staff or academic/healthcare/non-profit leaders, this series is sure to provide new ideas, energy and specific ways to better work together.

Each session includes an exercise to sharpen skills individually or with members of your team.

  • Session #1: Education
  • Session #2: Navigate 
  • Session #3: Negotiate 

The series is $325. To purchase, email