At KDD Philanthropy, we know from experience that strategic portfolio management is the foundation of fundraising success. This series provides fundraisers with the tools they need to use their portfolio as a tool for raising exceptional gifts and supporting the larger institution’s goals. A mix of big-picture guidance, practical advice, and hands-on exercises to reinforce skillset development, this series offers three trainings for frontline staff.

Additionally, we offer the option of adding a series of conversations for managers, which provide them with the tools to create staff accountability.

Gift Officer Training Series*

Session 1: How to Approach Your Portfolio                                  90 minutes
We will discuss the factors that support portfolio optimization, and provide immediately-actionable tips on how to use campus trends to support donor engagement and portfolio management. An exercise builds gift officer’s planning, engagement, and decision-making skills for moving donor strategies. Attendees are then provided a portfolio-ranking exercise to be completed after session one, and discussed in session two.

Session 2: The Importance of Constant Contact **                      90 minutes
Session two begins by exploring how the portfolio-ranking exercise supports gift officers’ work moving forward. Then, we will discuss the volume of contact with prospects that is necessary to ensure relationship movement. Our goal is to build skill sets so that gift officers are contacting 90% of their portfolios within a 90-day period. We will then provide part two of the portfolio-ranking exercise, to be completed after session two and discussed in session three.

Session 3: Supporting the Institutional Portfolio                       90 minutes
This session builds on the skills gift officers have now developed to move their portfolios strategically and purposefully, and provides them tools and clear expectations for supporting the institutional portfolio. Gift officers are the primary ambassadors for your institution, and by training them to consider the entire portfolio (annual, major, and/or planned giving, volunteerism, etc.), every team member is contributing to the larger goals of Advancement and the entire institution. Finally, we will provide each participant with a portfolio worksheet to support future portfolio growth.

*It is recommended that these trainings are offered two–four weeks apart, in order to allow gift officers time to practice and reinforce the skills they build.

**Session two is strengthened when the institution is able to run and report each gift officer’s portfolio contact rate (% of portfolio contacted within the last 90 days) prior to the session.

Manager Support Series                                                                2.5 hours total
Gift officers are most successful in meeting their goals when managers provide accountability and support. This add-on manager support series provides the tools managers need to fulfill this role. It includes:

  • One-hour intake meeting
  • 30-minute sessions between each of the three trainings

Please reach out to discuss how to bring our virtual coaching and trainings to your shop. We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation!