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In July 2018, CASE responded to the growing #MeToo movement, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) report around harassment, and campus discussions focused on staff safety by releasing its Zero Tolerance Pledge. CASE invited leaders to join them in a commitment to “respond promptly and appropriately to any reports of harassment.”

The pledge was an important step for our industry in bringing a critical topic to the forefront of conversation. A pledge and the ensuing conversations alone, however, do not build a safe culture. KDD Philanthropy is proud to provide training on this topic that gives leaders and teams the context, tools, and skills to meet the demands of a new era of respect and expectations.

In Navigating Difficult Conversations, KDD Philanthropy will guide you and your team through a facilitated discussion that will provide attendees concrete tools to create a safe culture. Topics include:

  • Understanding today’s landscape and expectations
  • Generational and regional differences
  • Navigating difficult or uncomfortable situations
  • Supervisor accountability
  • Safe travel practices
  • Meeting guidelines/tips for safety
  • Bystander intervention

Praise from “MeToo & You: Understanding Sexual Harassment from a Social Justice Perspective”

Kathy Drucquer Duff recently co-facilitated a session entitled “MeToo & You: Understanding Sexual Harassment from a Social Justice Perspective” for the CASE Strategic Talent Management Conference. The following is feedback from workshop participants:

“The most important and impactful session of the conference. This should be required for every advancement/development office to experience AND adopt the many ideas/suggestions.”

“I thought this was a really excellent topic and very timely. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the session made me think about what we’re doing (or would like to do in the future) at our university.”

“The use of stories, although very challenging and required courage for the facilitator, was truly eye opening and really helped the dialogue. Excellent session and made me realize we need to do more to support our staff. Thank you.”

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