Are there areas where you’d like to grow your team’s skill sets? Perhaps they struggle to qualify new prospects, or managers are avoiding critical conversations. Maybe they need to deepen their effectiveness at staffing and partnering with faculty, program leaders, or other institutional partners. Or, you may have new hires bringing transferable skills that need additional training for success in their roles.

KDD Philanthropy is proud to announce an opportunity to meet your employees’ specific needs and set them up for success: the KDD Philanthropy Skills Lab.

In the KDDP Skills Lab, a small group of employees come together over one-two sessions to develop the tools, confidence, and strategy necessary to build the identified skillset and strengthen their overall effectiveness.

The KDD Philanthropy team facilitates each session, bringing our professional experience working in-house in higher education, healthcare, and nonprofit environments. Each session will include exercises that allow participants to directly map key learnings onto their roles.

If you’re looking to build both skills, shared expectations, and camaraderie, contact us and let’s explore whether the KDDP Skills Lab is best for you! We recommend that each skills lab consists of one-two sessions of 90 minutes–2.5 hours, and the group consist of three–eight employees. Contact us today at explore how we can support you and your team in an informal yet focus environment focused on professional development!