“In every place Kathy has worked, she’s been able to turn teams around to the positive. She knows how to build a strong culture that works for individual needs and the larger organization, and she demonstrates time and time again what it means to empower people to be high performing.”
– Heather Nelson, Fund Development Consultant

Recruiting and retaining top development talent is the number one challenge non-profits and educational institutions face. A surge in the number of new non-profit organizations, coupled with more than a decade of over-promoting development staff, has led to not enough skilled development talent in the hiring pool.

But with this challenge comes a big opportunity. In order to survive and thrive in today’s development climate, institutions must change the way they approach recruiting and retaining fundraising professionals. The Strategic Talent Management model focuses on looking at in-house talent and how their skills and abilities can grow and enhance the organization’s culture of philanthropy. This approach is not staff intensive and applicable to organizations of all sizes and operating budgets.

Kathy developed this “grow your own” fundraiser model during a time of significant economic downturn, when hiring new development talent was extremely difficult. This approach and mentoring practice has been an integral part of her leadership throughout her career as a development professional. The Strategic Talent Management training is both affordable and features a hands-on approach.

Here’s a sampling of topics you’ll find covered in Strategic Talent Management training:

  • Hiring for Fit and Strategic Candidate Cultivation
  • Recruiting Out of the Box
  • Implementing an Effective Interview Process
  • References – They Really Can Work
  • Onboarding With a Bang
  • Development 101: Culture, Training and Role Playing
  • Value and Happiness: Career Progression Charts
  • Internship/Mentorship Programs
  • Retention and Recognition
  • Unique Professional Development “Curriculum”
  • Ongoing Strategies

Interesting in Bringing Strategic Talent Management Training to Your Organization?
KDD Philanthropy can create a customized training that fits your organization. The sessions are perfect for team building, and laying the foundation with common language, accountability, and discipline. Contact us to learn more about creating a workshop for your company.