The Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp was hands down the most beneficial training I’ve attended in my career to date. The information was relevant, straightforward, and easily comprehended. I walked away with a deeper understanding of my role as a frontline fundraiser, and I am eager to put my new skills to practice.” — Ali Colbran, Director of Development, Birch Aquarium at Scripps

The Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp 1.0 is one of the only one-day, intensive training that is both affordable and features a hands-on approach. The workshop will transform your approach to development, and open your eyes to new ways of exceeding your fundraising goals. Through the use of presentations and best practice discussions, attendees leave the workshop with real tools they can use to create a comprehensive fundraising plan of their own.

What sets this Bootcamp apart is the facilitation led by Kathy Drucquer Duff. Many programs focused on frontline fundraising coaching deploy instructors who teach based in theory. Kathy uses her 27 years experience as a frontline fundraiser to teach development officers and leaders the essential skills needed for success. Attendees consistently leave the Bootcamp with feelings of renewal and excitement, and several talk about their “ah ha” moments that happened throughout the training.

KDD Philanthropy creates customized bootcamps that fit your organization, either in-person or virtual. The sessions are perfect for team building, and laying the foundation with common language, accountability, and discipline. Learn more about creating a Bootcamp for your company.

Here’s what you will learn in Bootcamp 1.0:

  • Making the Cold Call
  • Strategy Development
  • Why Talking Points Matter
  • Staffing Leadership
  • Making The Ask
  • Effective Briefings
  • Use of Probing Questions
  • Perfecting Moves Management
  • Donor Relations For Front Line Fundraisers
  • Portfolio Management: Utilizing Regional Strategies
  • Impactful Meeting Follow Up

“I had the pleasure of taking the Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp with Kathy. The knowledge and experience that Kathy brings to the program makes the whole day worth it. You will walk away with a greater understanding of frontline fundraising from prospecting to moves management and everything in between. You will also gain the confidence to get out there and make meaningful connections both for a prospective donor and your institution or organization.” — Kaitlyn Keating, Associate Director of Development, UC Riverside