Serving as a unit lead is a unique role. You’re a fundraiser. You’re a manager. You often serve a dean or physician, your advancement leader, your team, and the unit as a whole. You are expected to successfully fundraise while educating about philanthropy, building programs, developing donor materials, managing up, and more.

There are not enough hours in the day to get to everything — so how do you prioritize so many competing priorities?

Our team has been in your shoes, and we are offering a webinar series to answer this question by helping you find your balance, your vision, and your success. Join us in this three-part series to find the answers that will allow you to move forward with confidence, clarity, and passion.

Session 1: Learning the landscape and thriving in your role

  • Navigating different expectations from leadership in your unit and advancement
  • Identifying critical priorities and building focus and movement around them
  • Agreeing to — and staying focused on — the most important outcomes
  • Managing the art of focus and rigor for greater results
  • Creating and reaching milestones across your tenure

Session 2: Successfully staffing your academic, healthcare, or athletics leader 

  • Educating deans, physicians, and athletics leaders on the role of advancement, and the critical role they play by building thoughtful internal and external relationships
  • Developing strategies that guide the use of your leader’s time toward greater results and partnership
  • Introducing the benefits and techniques of effective inter-unit collaboration
  • Navigating tensions between your unit and the larger institution

Session 3: Bringing out your best management-self

  • Serving as an effective hiring manager
  • Aligning your management to organizational performance expectations and metrics
  • Educating your team on navigating and supporting organizational culture
  • Creating consistent onboarding, retention, and exit strategies
  • Recognizing and addressing team members’ performance challenges and strengths in real time

Each session will provide participants with a take-away exercise to help bring to life the tools discussed, and to move participants forward in implementing these tools in their own roles.

“How to Hone Your Success as a Unit Fundraising Lead” is $325 for the series. To purchase, email