As fundraising continues to evolve to a more relationship-based approach, we are moving away from the age-old focus on “the ask” (such a transactional word!). Instead, we are building partnerships with a focus on longer-term relationships and inviting those partners to make an impact through generosity. We are focusing less on providing a menu and more on making the match between an individual and their passions.

In this webinar, we will discuss strategies we can each use throughout the donor cycle to build deeper donor partnerships and create donor experience that leads to sustainable relationships. Participants will walk away with easily implementable tools including language, ideas and strategies to build donor partnerships at every level of giving.

And with all KDDP webinars, every participant will be provided an exercise to bring the discussions to life for your own portfolio.

“It’s Not About the Ask, It’s About the Partnership” is $149. To purchase, email