There are plenty of resources to explore your leadership and management philosophy, but what many of today’s leaders need are actionable, concrete tools you can immediately put into action to achieve greater success. Join us for this series of three webinars that will provide just that. Presented by Kathy Drucquer Duff, CFRE and Carol Spychalski, this series will support you in quickly and tangibly refreshing your skills and growing your toolbox.

Session 1: Managing Fundraisers for Greater Success

As a manager, you will rarely see your frontline fundraisers do their most important work: engaging directly with prospects. But with the right tools you can understand their skill level, identify strengths and weaknesses, and coach for greater success. This session will provide strategies for assessing, growing and coaching your team’s performance, including:

  • Tools every fundraiser should have to raise gifts
  • Inspire motivation with connection to the cause
  • Identifying challenges and barriers to success
  • Effective coaching conversations
  • Take-away exercise: Diagnosing challenges and coaching through them

Session 2: What Gift Officers Want Today

We know that skilled fundraisers are in incredible demand, which is why it’s never been more important to retain your strong performers. We’ll explore the steps you can take to understand what each member of your team needs to thrive, and how to provide it, including:

  • Role of managers in setting and meeting employee expectations
  • The role of appreciation and recognition
  • Creativity in career planning
  • Knowing when to say goodbye
  • Take-away exercise: Understanding and playing to individual motivations

Session 3: It’s Not Leadership or Management. It’s Leadership AND Management

There’s long been a discourse about whether you’re a manager or a leader — but the reality is that the most effective among us are both. We’ll share tools you can use to become a more balanced professional with strong skills on both ends, positioning you and your team for greater success, including:

  • Assessing your own style and opportunities
  • The most effective management techniques
  • Building your leadership style
  • Take-away exercise: Understanding your style: what comes naturally, and where to push yourself

“Leadership and Management Essentials” is $325 for the series. To purchase, email