You’re investing in trainings for your team — but are you getting the most out of those trainings? Does each training lead to new and ingrained tools and strategies?

Professional development and growth opportunities continue to be among the most desired benefits identified by advancement employees. But we have found that in order to truly make the most of the opportunities you provide your team, you must have a framework for converting learnings into team culture and practice. It’s this framework that is paramount for a team’s growth and success.

Join Kathy Drucquer Duff for a complimentary webinar to explore how you can use webinars, conferences, coaching, and trainings for your staff to grow results, build performance, and increase retention. Through her training and coaching consultancy, Kathy has seen what works (and what doesn’t), and how to avoid the too-frequent occurrence of trainings that become a one-and-done.

Kathy will provide practical and easy to implement advice to anchor key learnings into your culture and develop new tools from those learnings, ensuring that you and your team are getting the most out of your professional development investments. Join us for a conversation to ensure your people, and your institutions, keep growing by making your investment in learnings multiply.