My January blog post explored the idea of asking for exceptions and the fundraiser’s role in bringing supporters and partners along with an institution’s growth and resulting changes. That post definitely hit a chord! Many of you reached out requesting assistance in crafting language for sharing updated policies and standards.

We agree that this is a topic worth talking about, and we’re pleased to offer you a webinar with tools and answers for this important work.

Whether you’re in donor relations or frontline fundraising, or you’re a leader building culture and best practice, this webinar will offer practical, ready-to-implement language and strategies. We’ll discuss how to work with donors, faculty, program leaders, and other audiences to share and uphold our institution’s evolving policies for giving thresholds, donor recognition, and other standards.

Together, we’ll explore effective language for sharing changes, probing questions to understand your audience’s response to those changes, and how to create an approach that strengthens donor and internal relationships … all while ending the era of too many exceptions.

“Moving Beyond Asking for Exceptions” is $149. To purchase, email