An objection can stop a promising prospect relationship in its tracks. In this two-part webinar series, we’ll provide you the tools you need to not just overcome objections, but to use them to strengthen your prospect relationships and raise more meaningful gifts.

Our first session will provide the skills to understand the larger role of objections in the engagement process, and to develop a conversational style to overcoming those objections — allowing you to build confidence and deepen relationships. Together, we’ll explore how to anticipate and discuss objections based on your specific institution, and how to overcome those institution-specific objections, as well as the most-commonly heard during the prospect qualification process.

In our second session, we will explore strategies for anticipating and addressing the objections that are frequently raised later in the engagement/solicitation cycle. And, we will develop tools for building our leaders’ comfort and skill in managing objections throughout a prospect relationship and during the solicitation.

Each session will provide an exercise for participants to complete afterward. By practicing the creation of specific, conversational language, gift officers will take the strategies discussed and build them into ingrained, repeatable skills.

Whether you join us to support what you learned in the Qualifications Essentials webinars, or these are a stand-alone opportunity for you, you will come away from these sessions with new tools for maintaining momentum, overcoming objections, and securing the generosity of your institution’s prospects.

Session One: Overcoming Objections in Discovery/Qualification

  • Understanding objections and how to overcome them
  • Building conversational responses to objections
  • Exercise: Overcoming Objections in Discovery/Qualification

Session Two: Overcoming Objections Prior to/During the Ask

  • Being prepared for objections later in the donor cycle
  • Assisting natural partners to better understand and be prepared for objections
  • Exercise: Overcoming Objections Prior to/During the Ask

“Overcoming Objections” is $225 for the series. To purchase, email