Parents are incredible partners for an institution, with a personal commitment to the institution’s success. Through our Parent Philanthropy training, our firm will guide your team in building a thoughtful and comprehensive fundraising model for parents/family. You will develop the philosophy and concrete tools to create motivation and urgency for meaningful philanthropy, and to secure buy-in from partners across campus. We will identify opportunities for engagement across the life of the relationship, from early admission to post-graduation, and how to create the tools to capitalize on those opportunities effectively.

Training topics explored include:

  • Overview of different parent fundraising models
  • The importance of parent engagement and philanthropy
  • The role of advancement staff, programmatic staff, and faculty in parent philanthropy
  • How to bring fundraising tools to campus partners
  • How to build campus partnerships and buy-in
  • Identification and use of opportunities for engagement
  • Building initiatives that will motivate parents to generosity
  • Securing and running effective meetings
  • Sharing the case and making the ask

To explore tools to build an all-campus approach to parent giving, contact KDD Philanthropy today.