One of the most common hurdles fundraisers face is engaging and qualifying new prospects. This challenge is ever-present and our changing world only add to those pressures. However, the importance of doing the work, and doing it well, remains unchanged. It’s a necessary skill for growing a prospect base, and critical for every fundraiser to master.

This series of three webinars is an investment in each fundraiser’s ability to qualify new prospects — the foundation of all new giving strategies. Because we offer a series rather than one session, we are able to provide both take-away exercises that develop and reinforce skills, and accountability that these skills are put to immediate use.

Session 1: Skills to Build Confidence

  • How-to: The nuts and bolts of outreach
  • Exercise: Talking points for a compelling pitch

Session 2: Probing Questions for Qualification

  • Build your skills in asking thoughtful questions that support the qualification process and create the foundation for an authentic relationship with donors
  • Exercise: Probing questions exercise and role play

Session 3: Qualification vs. Disqualification

  • Refresh your tools for creating conversations that support institutional relationships
  • Learn new tools to recognize the differences in qualification types
  • Exercise: Portfolio scenario discussion sheet

“Qualification Essentials” is $325 for the series. To purchase, email