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At KDD Philanthropy, we know from experience that strategic portfolio management is the foundation of fundraising success. This series provides fundraisers with the tools to use their portfolios as a means for raising exceptional gifts and supporting the larger institution’s goals.

A mix of big-picture guidance, practical advice, and hands-on exercises to reinforce skillset development, this series offers three trainings that will build a greater understanding of data, assist in prioritizing prospects, and build stronger collaboration opportunities across your advancement shop.

We will discuss the factors that support portfolio optimization, and provide immediately-actionable tips to use organizational trends to support donor engagement and portfolio management.

Session 1: Approach Your Portfolio with Purpose

  • Deepen knowledge on understanding and applying portfolio optimization, planning, engagement, and decision-making skills for moving donor strategies.
  • Exercise: A post-session portfolio-ranking exercise, to be discussed in session two.

Session 2: The Value of Constant Contact

  • Session two begins by exploring how the portfolio-ranking exercise supports gift officers’ work moving forward.
  • Strengthen understanding of portfolio contacts for relationship movement. Build skill sets so that gift officers are contacting 90% of their portfolios within a 90-day period.
  • Exercises: A masked portfolio exercise (an exercise that supports reviewing portfolios without names) to identify top prospects as well as those that need to find another portfolio home; Portfolio Goal Worksheet.

Session 3: Supporting the Institutional Portfolio

  • Expand gift officers’ embrace of their role in managing the larger institutional portfolio, creating a stronger support base overall.
  • Strengthen portfolio collaborations between departments, and accountability for ensuring prospects are engaged properly, even if disqualified from an individual gift officer’s focus area.
  • Exercise: Inclination exercise to support tools from sessions one and two, contributing to the larger goals of advancement and the entire institution.

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