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Strengthening Parent Fundraising

Institutions continue to grow their approach to engaging parents in philanthropy, as the benefits of these partnerships are evident across many campuses — and the opportunity is evident as well.

From new parents being welcomed to your campus to graduating families you’d like to keep engaged and a part of your institution’s family, parent pride is at an all-time high from late April through the fall. Opportunities for parent fundraising are endless, yet many campuses bury their invitations into orientation welcomes or end-of-day experiences, rather than creating energy and excitement around parent/family philanthropic giving. This new offering will ensure you’re ready to make the most of this exciting time by discussing the essentials of successful parent fundraising:

  • Key data points you should be looking at, how and when to use that data.
  • The differences between strategies for parent giving versus alumni giving and areas of greatest interest for parents.
  • Strategies and language that allow you to strengthen your approach, whether you’re new to this constituency or you’re experienced and looking to expand your tool kit.

This webinar will provide practical tools that allow every member of your team to support parent/family giving. Join us for an informative and energizing discussion.