Building off the Probing Questions webinar within our Qualification Essentials series, this webinar will provide more tools in building confidence around the use of probing questions. Simply visiting with a donor is not enough. Successful gift officers are curious, inquisitive, and able to ask probing questions in an intentional and authentic way that discovers the donor’s motivations and dreams — building a deeper relationship with them over time. This webinar will explore how to make the most of a visit (Zoom or in person) through the tool of time management and the use of probing questions. We will discuss questions that support every angle of the donor cycle, and how they support the moves management process. Join us to grow your probing questions tool box! Each attendee will leave this session with practical guidance you can put into use immediately. And you’ll receive an exercise to complete afterwards that will allow you to take the strategies we discussed and build them into an actionable plan.

“Use of Probing Questions” is $149. To purchase, email