Between COVID-19, the era of mega gifts and transactional relationships, and continued social upheaval, the world of philanthropy is experiencing perhaps its most rapid evolution yet. Ensure you and your team have the tools you need for success in a new year through this three-part webinar, Philanthropy’s Thought Leaders. Together, we will explore emerging philanthropic trends and how to apply those trends to your work.

Rooted in a shared commitment to building authentic, honest, and mutually beneficial relationships between donors and institutions, the series’ speakers — Jim Langley, Lynne Wester and Kathy Drucquer Duff— will provide attendees with the tools to meet the evolving needs of donors. The sessions will focus on the intersection between donor strategy and donor engagement, and provide strategies to strengthen work with prospects and donors. And, we will discuss how to influence culture in order to help our institutions “meet the moment” in building stronger stakeholder relationships.

Organizations may sign up for one, two or all three sessions. Webinars are 60 minutes at 10am PST/11am MST/12noon CST/1pm EST. Participate live or purchase the recordings.

Webinars are priced at $95 USD per institution. When you invest in a series of three webinars, you receive a discounted cost of $245 USD. And you are welcome to register as many members of your team for one cost (we will send a code for you to add team members after you request it).

Looking for CFRE credit? Full participation in any KDD Philanthropy webinar is applicable for 1.0 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Session 1: Jim Langley, Langley Innovations

  • Jim Langley aims to create a more productive juncture between three of the greatest forces of our culture: philanthropy, higher learning, and the social sector.

Session 2: Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru

  • Lynne Wester believes in improving every aspect of the donor experience — from developing sound strategy and vision to creating meaningful donor engagement — to help your organization anchor in key relationships that put the donor relationship first.

Session 3: Kathy Drucquer Duff, KDD Philanthropy

  • Kathy Drucquer Duff is driven by a belief that philanthropy is one of the strongest forces for good, and that skillful fundraising programs that build true relationships with donors can inspire incredible generosity.

“Philanthropy’s Thought Leaders” is $395 for the series. To purchase, email

Speaker Background:

Jim Langley, President of Langley Innovations, has pioneered a number of practices that have been emulated by hundreds of institutions of higher learning. The knowledge he acquired from conceiving and conducting three path-breaking campaigns at three major institutions and the insight he gleaned from decades of research on donor behavior has been shared in five books, dozens of articles, hundreds of blog posts and scores of seminars, workshops and speeches. As a result, his expertise and insight, particularly on how institutions can adapt best to changing and unchanging philanthropic realities, is highly sought after by Canadian and U.S. institutions and professional advancement organizations.

Lynne Wester — If you’ve ever imagined having cocktails with the lovechild of Mrs. Maisel and Dave Chapelle, then you probably have met Lynne Wester. She delivers thought provoking fundraising lessons with a keen focus on the donor experience. Her southern accent and crucial honesty resonate in rooms large and small, locally and across the globe. Lynne and her teammates at the Donor Relations Guru Group lead with gratitude and partner with nonprofits on a variety of initiatives from assessment through implementation. Her work motivates and inspires countless fundraisers to do more for their donors to create amazing donor experiences.

Kathy Drucquer Duff — For the past 27 years, Kathy has had the pleasure of leading teams to create transformative fundraising strategies within higher education, healthcare and non-profit organizations. She does this because she cares deeply about philanthropy and development as a career opportunity, and she truly believes the best investment a development leader can make is in talent – because nurturing and leading people creates lasting philanthropic relationships. KDD Philanthropy was born out of a desire to work with the professionals who build a philanthropic society. This vision was driven by her belief that philanthropy is one of the strongest forces for good in our world, and she has seen first-hand that a skillful fundraising program inspires incredible generosity.