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In order to thrive in today’s philanthropic climate, organizations must invest in their advancement professionals, from fundraising essentials to executive coaching and everything between.

KDD Philanthropy offers virtual trainings, webinars and coaching services to support advancement teams of all sizes as they succeed in inspiring and securing generosity.

Our firm’s distinctive approach of empowering people and teams, while building clear and actionable plans, draws on its founder’s years of in-house leadership at some of the largest organizations in San Diego. During this time, Kathy Drucquer Duff developed deep expertise across the advancement spectrum, from alumni engagement and frontline fundraising to campaign management and executive leadership.

Clients of KDD Philanthropy consistently cite the firm’s ability to quickly assess their landscape, identify needs, engage with staff at a variety of levels and functions, and provide tools to build the individual and the culture, as keys to their success.

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What Others Are Saying

  • We brought Kathy to High Point University to provide training specific to frontline fundraising around closing major gifts and with our parent population. One of the things that is so impressive about Kathy is she works hard to tailor her training materials to the culture and circumstances of our campus. She worked hard to make it specific to High Point, and it was very helpful to have training scenarios and conversations that really fit what we were encountering daily in our work. As a result of her training, our team has increased their confidence around fundraising.

    Kate H. BerryDirector of Major Gifts, High Point University
  • I hired Kathy because I was about 20 years into my advancement career and wanted to invest in my professional development in a different way. I interviewed three different coaches, and Kathy was the only one with the advancement experience that matched my needs. Kathy understood the challenges I faced and helped me adapt, shift my mindset and habits, and gave me very tangible ways to do that. … Kathy has deep and varied experience in advancement and she comes to her work with enthusiasm and energy. She is honest and doesn’t sugar coat, but also provides practical solutions and advice to help move forward through situations and challenges. Kathy wants to help people anchor in and make the profession better. She wants you to be successful and that comes across.

    Griffin LambAssistant Dean for Development and College Relations, College of Engineering and Executive Director of the Engineering Foundation, NC State University
  • Kathy has worked with Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Health on several occasions.  She has worked with major gift officers to assist them with strengthening their portfolios and cultivating new donors, and she has advised us about how to better leverage events and work with our philanthropic advisory boards. Kathy is very skilled at helping us with strategy and approach, but she’s also very skilled at translating that robust strategy to tactical actions. As a leader, I appreciate her clear thinking and analytical approach combined with down-to-earth tactical action. When we’ve talked with her about the key areas we want to address or challenges we face, she always does a great job of coming up with a program that’s well prepared to deliver in those areas.

    Lisa MarshallChief Philanthropy Officer and Vice President of the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations, Wake Forest Baptist Health
  • I’ve been working with Kathy for almost two years. From the very first time we met, I’ve felt like she’s a coach who has my best interests at heart. She helps me advocate for myself and my team, ensuring our success, both personally and professionally, and she cares about the entire individual, not just our professional selves. … In our time together, we have covered a lot of ground and topics, including building a board/champion model and working with individuals, corporations and faculty. She’s also helped me with time and calendar management, managing up and down, leading a team, and being an interim assistant dean. One of the things I value most about Kathy is there has not been any topic I’ve thrown at her that she cannot handle. She always responds with amazing ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

    Jennifer Parr PiercyInterim Assistant Dean for College Advancement, College of Natural Resources & Interim President, NC State Natural Resources Foundation, NC State University
  • After hearing Kathy speak at Clemson’s University Development Team retreat, I knew I wanted to work one-on-one with her. I manage a team of unit fundraisers and I’ve worked with Kathy on topics such as management, leadership and utilizing data to help gift officer performance. She has given me so much more confidence to be able to have constructive conversations with my gift officers to help them achieve their goals. … When Kathy came to our team retreat, she really got to know our team without having ever been on the Clemson campus. With Kathy, it never feels like I’m talking to a stranger who is only giving me canned responses. She knows our culture, and I really enjoy working with and learning from her.

    Margaret R. Owens ’91, ‘92Executive Director of Development, Advancement, Clemson University
  • I attended yesterday’s How to Hone Your Success as a Unit Fundraising Lead webinar as well as today’s through Academic Impressions on overcoming objections. After some burnout on webinars, these are the first two I’ve attended in a few months, because the topics were so interesting, and you did not disappoint. I really enjoyed both, and learned so much that I can put to use immediately. I will definitely re-watch them as a refresher at some point as well. And I added a donor objections agenda item for our next team meeting.

    Alison Metzger-JonesExternal Relations Manager, College of Engineering, UC Davis
  • I participated in Wednesday’s "How to Hone Your Success as a Unit Fundraising Lead" session and departed the session inspired – both in my role as a manager and development officer. For Wednesday’s session, I encouraged my team of frontline fundraisers and our analyst to attend. Each has different levels of experience, learning interests and work styles. Each team member found useful information and is ready to put it into practice. I left with ideas for our upcoming business planning prep work (starting with some visioning exercises for the team and for each of us individually). The training also provided me with ideas for how I can better support each team member as they staff our faculty leads and how I myself do the same. Your one hour sessions have the right focus and are a great use of time. ... I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of many of your trainings – both in person and virtually. All of them leave me wanting more. Your direct, practical and real advice is fabulous. No matter the course, I always walk away motivated and with at least a couple very doable tips to help me in my daily work.

    Elizabeth McBrideManaging Executive Director of Development, Neuro & Vision Sciences , UC Davis Health Sciences Development and Alumni Relations
  • I have been following Kathy for years and appreciate and marvel at her thoughtful, practical and evidence-based approach. Our Advancement team has participated in several of KDD Philanthropy’s webinars and I absolutely love the content focus on leadership and management skills within Advancement. The topics, such as how we position our team for greater success and what our development officers want and how we retain them, have provided invaluable information that I now use to help manage my teams more effectively. We also love the webinar takeaway exercises that help create follow up with the team. … I consider Kathy and Jim Langley, who presented with her in the “Philanthropy Thought Leader” webinar, my North Stars. If I’m lost or confused on how to proceed in my work, I always go back to them and their resources, and they help me focus on where I need to go next.

    David PrattAssociate Vice President, Advancement and Associate Director, CSU Foundation, Cleveland State University
  • I have been in the fundraising profession for 25 years and have attended many courses and met with numerous consultants. What makes Kathy Drucquer Duff different is that her deep fundraising experience is seamlessly woven into and throughout her trainings. I love how she is explicit about the fact that it takes time to make systematic changes. She advises how to integrate changes incrementally into our culture in order to have meaningful impact. The Weber State University advancement team has attended several of her webinars this year and they have formed the backbone of our professional development. Kathy is a standout in the field of training and consulting.

    Erica MarkenFormer Executive Director of Development, Weber State University
  • Auburn University Advancement has participated in two KDD Philanthropy webinars. I really appreciate that they are affordable and the entire institution’s Advancement team can share and participate in them. One of the biggest takeaways from participating is helping me feel less discouraged and realizing that other institutions are facing the same fundraising challenges. Kathy has helped me realize that perseverance is key to success.

    Mindy StreetDirector of Development, Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center, Auburn University
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