As the fundraising landscape has changed dramatically over the past couple of years, and those changes continue at a rapid clip, ensuring your staff has the tools and the confidence they need in a changing environment has never been more critical. KDD Philanthropy has been working with universities, healthcare and non-profit organizations to assist in creating new tools while building approach in this ever-changing landscape.

KDD Philanthropy offers virtual trainings, webinars and coaching services to support advancement teams of all sizes as they succeed in inspiring and securing generosity. We can coach your fundraising shop remotely (both individually and your teams) to build your team’s toolbox of topics relevant to these ever-changing times. Topics include qualification and donor meetings via phone, Skype and Zoom; portfolio management; creative and impactful stewardship and driving written strategies that work.

Another way KDD Philanthropy offers distinctive value to your team is through CFRE credit*. In addition to us crafting customized training and tools for your organization, we also work with CFRE to assure our trainings qualify for credit toward initial certification and/or recertification. Every one hour of training equals 1.0 points toward that process.

Our workshops, including Fundraising Essentials Bootcamp, can be presented as a virtual platform. This allows us to bring professional development and customized content and exercises to you, but in a way in which teams are connected through technology.

Please reach out to discuss how to bring our virtual coaching and trainings to your shop. We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation!

*Trainings must be submitted to CFRE at least three weeks prior to the training date to be eligible and approved for credit.

Praise for Virtual Training

“The hour – with Kathy’s content, energy, perspective and delivery – was the single best webinar I’ve attended in the past decade. (I’m estimating #1 out of ~100). VERY USEFUL and inspiring, loved her occasional ‘keeping it real’ reference to what’s going on in her own household right now, in San Diego, as well as examples from other colleagues and clients.”

“Kathy was fantastic! I truly benefited from this webinar. Kathy’s knowledge, expertise, insight and wisdom was needed and beyond helpful on all levels, and in every area that she spoke about. I feel refreshed and more prepared and armed to take on philanthropy in this new normal. Thank you, Kathy!”

“Kathy Drucquer Duff is a wonderful presenter and I especially appreciated her empathetic, donor-centric approach. I really loved hearing about the blind portfolio review, the role-playing suggestion regarding different outreach due to COVID-19. Also liked the reality check email [example she provided] as a good reminder to make sure we are communicating appropriately and the we hear ourselves the way donors will.”

“Thank you, Kathy, for lighting another inspirational fire under me for next steps talking to donors.  You had great perspectives today.” – Doug Kurtz, Executive Director of Development, Social Sciences, University of California San Diego